Mean girls; The online mum community

I’m sure many of you will remember the film ‘mean girls’, where you have the popular group that the unpopular girl does anything to fit into, then realises that it wasn’t all that it seemed, from the outside looking in?

Well there you have it, not everything that glitters is gold

This is the perfect explanation for these online mum communities, that from the outside look like the most supportive, understanding and non-judgemental group of fellow mums. Until you finally  qualify as a member after weeks of making your mum like appear aesthetically pleasing  and then you realise, it’s far from what it seemed.

These online mum gurus that can’t help but critic your every decision with their,

“ well my Tommy knew the alphabet at 4 months”.

For every positive you share online, they have an impossible narrative that is so evidently made up, that even the pope would walk away in disbelief.

We live in a world where nobody understands that comparison is the biggest thief of joy.

Instead of embracing everyone’s unique parenting styles, we spend most of our free time on apps trying to please people who behind their screens, couldn’t really care less. Judging others and hoping that we make motherhood look as perfect as it possibly can’t even be.

When in reality,

You don’t need the most perfect background

You don’t need staged photos depicting how happy you’re faking to be

You don’t need followers who make you feel inadequate

You just need to be yourself, parent how you feel best, post the photos that are your reality, share the moments that are your truth.

The right people will love your authenticity.

There is no perfect mum, there is no perfect way to parent. There is just your version of trying your best and if you allow that to be controlled by what others post online, you’re likely better off taking a social media detox and remembering what is real to you.

Sharing your truth doesn’t make you weak, what people fail to realise is, everyone struggles. All of us have moments of despair and at times we need to not feel so alone. It could take one person to change it all for another by just being true to their circumstances and their life.

Find the mum tribe that empowers you, encourages you and enables you to be your truest, most authentic mum self. Remember, just because someone looks happy doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Don’t post to please others, post to make a positive impact and you will naturally attract all of the right people on your journey.

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